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We're here to FIX your HVAC equipment, not REPLACE IT 


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We're here to FIX your HVAC equipment, not REPLACE it.

At KD HVAC, we are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience.

I started serving Columbus, Ohio working for my father at ANDERSON WIKOFF in 1984 ultimately earning the nickname "Kendawg" for my dogged determination to get the job done and done well.  


I started Kendawg Heating & Cooling LLC (#29208) after the passing of my father.
I'm Kenny Wikoff and I understand how important it is to keep your home and business comfortable, no matter the season. That’s I we take pride in providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship.


Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to delivering personalized solutions to your Heating & Air Conditioning problems.

At our Heating and Air Conditioning company, we understand the importance of keeping your systems running efficiently throughout the year. Our Annual Maintenance program includes fall and spring checkups to ensure your systems are always in top condition. With our no-nonsense system report, you can trust that our team will catch any potential issues and provide you with the necessary repairs.

Annual Maintenance

Don't let a damaged or outdated heating and cooling system affect your comfort. Our team of experts provides top-notch replacement and new installation services to ensure your home is always at the perfect temperature. We pride ourselves on prompt and thorough service, and we won't leave until you're satisfied with the results.

New Installations and Replacements

Say goodbye to leaky ducts with our expert duct sealing service. Our team is committed to ensuring that your ducts are efficiently sealed, so you can enjoy the full comfort of your heating and air conditioning systems. Our energy star duct leakage fix guarantee to pass ensures that you receive the highest quality of service. Higher energy efficiency, guaranteed.

Duct Leak - Fill the Cracks! 

At KD HVAC, we offer top-quality heating and air conditioning services with over 30 years of experience. Our skilled technicians can install and repair any system to keep your home or business comfortable no matter the season. Trust us to provide expert care and unmatched customer service.

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